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New Hampshire Man Can’t Find Globe in Travel Store

Posted by Raj on January 16, 2008

In an incident that gives more credence to the notion that American’s geography skills are deteriorating, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire man was unable to locate a globe of the World in a travel store Saturday morning. According to eyewitnesses, the twenty-something man, whose name is being withheld out of respect to him, his family and his past teachers, wandered aimlessly around the Rand McNally Travel store for close to 25 minutes trying to locate a globe. “Yeah, he just kept stopping at different shelves.”, said a Rand McNally salesperson. “It’s not a really big store and when he asked me where the globes were and I pointed to the selection of them at the back, I thought he would be ok. It’s really hard to miss them, we carry like over 50. He picked up a travel book first and looked confused, and then a suitcase I think. Finally when he came back up to me with one of those flip-up travel alarm clocks, thinking he had found the globe, it started to dawn on me that he may not know what a globe is.”


Can You Tell the Difference?

Other bystanders were also shocked by what they saw. “I saw the whole thing unfold.”, said Amy Mackenzie, who was in the store shopping for power adapters for her upcoming trip to Canada. “He eventually broke down, started crying and admitted he didn’t know what a globe was. I was dumbstruck. I admit I have trouble locating most countries in Europe and Africa on a map but I know what continent Antarctica is on and I definitely know what a globe is. It’s kind of sad but I don’t blame him, I blame our education system.” When we thanked Ms. Mackenzie for her eyewitness report and let her know that she, in fact, didn’t need power adapters for travel to Canada, she laughed and replied, “Ha ha, very funny. Just like I don’t need my English-Canadian dictionary as well. Now where is that in the store?”

A spokesperson for the Secretary of Education also commented on the incident, saying, “Needless to say we are very surprised and dismayed that something like this has happened. I hope this is an isolated incident but I fear it’s not. We know that we have a long way to go in our school systems with regards to geography, but I thought we were making some good progress. World geography is still a little tricky with all those small countries that sound alike, but our goal was that everyone should know the names of the 47 States by the time they finished high school. And, if not exactly where they are and what shape they are, at least what general quadrant of the country the States are in. But this incident is a wake-up call to us, and all educators, that we may need to think of progress in smaller increments.”

When asked what he exactly meant by smaller increments, the spokesperson said, “Well, with writing, first you have to teach people what paper is, and only then can you think about teaching them to write. I think the same concept applies to geography; teach the kids about globes and then, and only then, think about teaching them about countries. Baby steps.”

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