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CNN’s ‘This Week at War’ to Become ‘This Day at War’

Posted by Raj on February 26, 2008

The continued popularity of CNN’s This Week at War prompted the Network to announce that the show would now be called This Day at War and air daily instead of weekly. A CNN programming director explained the decision by saying “Yes, with some shows once a week is enough, like ‘House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’ for instance. There are only so many stories about blind men who walk fifteen hours to donate blood to homeless Katrina orphans that the American people can stomach, but with war, we really believe more is better. Maybe with some countries one hour a week is enough to cover what’s going on with their wars, but this is America. We barely scratch the surface in an hour.” The show, which deals with war, terrorism, homeland security and nuclear threats, also plans to add more interactive segments such as “Who Should be Next?” and a Top Ten plays of the day type offering where viewers vote on America’s best moves of the day in the global war on terror.


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Confusion on When to Fist Bump Spurs Book to Top of Best Seller List

Posted by Raj on February 16, 2008

The Art of The Fist Bump: From the Bar to the Boudoir to the Boardroom made its debut at #3 on the New York Times Best Seller list this week. The book, by first time author Jeremy Pendergrast, documents the rise of the cultural phenomenon of ‘fist bumping’ and serves as a how-to guide for properly using the technique with friends, co-workers and loved ones. As Pendergrast explains, “The fist bump is so ubiquitous these days, having been featured in beer commercials, on mainstream TV and even on game shows, but guys still aren’t sure what situations to fist bump in. Do I fist bump my boss? What about the pizza delivery guy? Can I fist bump someone I just met? Is it ok to fist bump women? These are questions my book definitively answers once and for all.”

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Obama, Clinton at Loss For Words as Speechwriters Strike

Posted by Raj on February 3, 2008

In a sign of solidarity with their Writer’s Guild of America brethren, the nation’s top political speechwriters went on strike early Thursday morning. The move comes at the worst possible time for the Democratic and Republican candidates vying for their Parties Presidential nominations. The Head of the Political Speechwriters Association (PSA) commented on the decision, which caught most DC insiders off guard, saying, “We thought it was the appropriate action at this point. We don’t really have any grievances or complaints, it’s more symbolic. Just like the rest of America, we’re tired of watching The Daily Show without writers. It’s just not funny. Maybe this action will spur some governmental pressure on Hollywood to get a deal done, so we can also actually get to see the Scrubs series finale.”

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