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Confusion on When to Fist Bump Spurs Book to Top of Best Seller List

Posted by Raj on February 16, 2008

The Art of The Fist Bump: From the Bar to the Boudoir to the Boardroom made its debut at #3 on the New York Times Best Seller list this week. The book, by first time author Jeremy Pendergrast, documents the rise of the cultural phenomenon of ‘fist bumping’ and serves as a how-to guide for properly using the technique with friends, co-workers and loved ones. As Pendergrast explains, “The fist bump is so ubiquitous these days, having been featured in beer commercials, on mainstream TV and even on game shows, but guys still aren’t sure what situations to fist bump in. Do I fist bump my boss? What about the pizza delivery guy? Can I fist bump someone I just met? Is it ok to fist bump women? These are questions my book definitively answers once and for all.”


The Art of the Fist Bump, complete with over 50 pages of illustrations and hundreds of real-life scenarios to solidify your knowledge of fist bump etiquette, aims to end any confusion associated with the single-fist salute, and has sold over 200, 000 copies in its first week out. At a Borders book signing in Chicago, we caught up with many people who said the book was a godsend. Marcus Chan, a Trader who lives in Chicago told us, “Before reading this, there would be many situations where I’m meeting a buddy at a bar and I go in for a handshake and he goes in with the fist bump…and the next thing you know, I’m cupping his fist in my hand. It’s very awkward and hard to recover from. I don’t want to caress some dudes fist. This book taught me how to recognize, from body language, when the other guy is also thinking fist bump, so as not to put myself in those situations. Thank you Art of The Fist Bump!”

Pendergrast goes on to explain that, “The fist bump is for happy situations or to express appreciation, it’s not for grim or sad occasions. For example, as I point out in the book, fist bumping at a funeral, especially to relatives of the deceased, is a definite no-no. Also, resist the urge to fist bump a friend who just told you he got laid off or has a serious ailment, even if it’s accompanied with a ‘Everything’s going to be alright man’. Again, think of the happy or sad rule when in doubt. Fist bumping in the workplace is a tricky one though. There are water cooler or sports team related situations where it’s ok to do so, but be cognizant that it’s a generational thing. Fist bumping anyone over 50 is a hit-and-miss proposition. In general, to play it safe, I advocate the ‘no fist bump of anyone senior to you’ policy in the workplace”

As to other situations where it is inappropriate to fist bump, Pendergrast says in the book , “Fist bumping your partner after sex is a definite no-no and will not be received well by most women. Cuddling is still the proper action in this setting. Also, contrary to what many guys may think, the proper response after your girlfriend tells you, ‘I Love You’, is not a double fist bump followed by silence. In general, fist bumping is largely a male-to-male phenomenon and inter-gender fist bumping is still a while away from being universally accepted. But, I do see it moving to women at some point, maybe with a slight twist like an upturned pinky flair or something.”

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2 Responses to “Confusion on When to Fist Bump Spurs Book to Top of Best Seller List”

  1. adamgerson said

    outstanding. guidance I can definitely benefit from

  2. Raj said

    that’s why we’re here. to bring you the relevant news.

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