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CNN’s ‘This Week at War’ to Become ‘This Day at War’

Posted by Raj on February 26, 2008

The continued popularity of CNN’s This Week at War prompted the Network to announce that the show would now be called This Day at War and air daily instead of weekly. A CNN programming director explained the decision by saying “Yes, with some shows once a week is enough, like ‘House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’ for instance. There are only so many stories about blind men who walk fifteen hours to donate blood to homeless Katrina orphans that the American people can stomach, but with war, we really believe more is better. Maybe with some countries one hour a week is enough to cover what’s going on with their wars, but this is America. We barely scratch the surface in an hour.” The show, which deals with war, terrorism, homeland security and nuclear threats, also plans to add more interactive segments such as “Who Should be Next?” and a Top Ten plays of the day type offering where viewers vote on America’s best moves of the day in the global war on terror.


The idea is to make war more interactive for the viewer.”, said a senior CNN executive. “We want to bring it into people’s living rooms and make the viewer feel like these are their wars, that they have a say in whose government we should destabilize next.” When asked if there was enough content to support a daily show, the executive said, “We wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. It has to make sense from a business standpoint and we think it does. Let’s face it, we risked becoming irrelevant if we stuck to our current weekly format. America’s war landscape changes daily not weekly. Today Pakistan is our friend, tomorrow? Who knows? It’s like if you miss a day you’re completely out of the loop on who we support and who our sworn enemies are. Our goal is to make sure the public always knows who the bad guys are, whose products not to buy and which neighbors and co-workers to keep a closer eye on.”

When posed the question about what happens when America is no longer involved in any wars, the Programming Director laughed and commented, “We’re not worried about running out of wars. Today it’s Iraq, tomorrow it’s Iran, next year it may be your parents country. The list goes on. But we are being proactive. We’re involved in lobbying for America to take a closer look at a few of the other ‘stans as potential targets for military action. And we are trying link global warming with Al-Qaeda somehow, which would open up a myriad of programming cross-ties with our other shows! We’re in this for the long run.”

The move also sends a strong signal to Fox News, that they won’t be allowed to be the sole benefactors from America’s wars. “Why should they be the only ones who profit from this and help dictate policy?”, said a CNN employee on condition of anonymity. “Yes, they have done a real good job in promoting our wars with some innovative programming, but we feel we can go head to head with them on this. Either way, it’s good for the public to have healthy competition on this front. There’s enough war for everyone, and as long as it’s made easy to digest for the viewer, as long as it’s reported, promoted and showcased in a user friendly format, there’s no reason we all can’t win with war.”

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