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Chicago Man Hospitalized After Watching A-Team for First Time in 20 Years

Posted by Raj on March 29, 2008

A Chicago man is reported to be in stable condition after having a panic attack and collapsing while watching the popular 80’s TV show, The A-Team, last night on TV Land. Doctors say the shock of watching the show for the first time in 20 years and realizing how awful it actually looks now was just too much for the man to take, and led to the panic attack.

“It’s a fairly common occurrence.”, said Dr. Fitzpatrick of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, “Guy has nostalgic revisionist memories of how good an 80’s show from their childhood was and then flips on an episode late at night on TV Land or another station, and it’s hard for them to come to terms with how crap the show actually looks now. The immediate reaction is one of panic that some show they associate with happy childhood memories is embarrassingly bad.”

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Spears Sisters Endorse Hillary

Posted by Raj on March 13, 2008

In an announcement that could shake up the Democratic Presidential nomination race, the Spears sisters, Britney and Jamie Lynn, formally endorsed Hillary Clinton today at a press conference. As the Democratic Primaries have heated up over the last few weeks, there had been much apprehension from both Clinton and Obama about whose camp the Spears sisters would end up in. Needless to say, the Clinton camp was elated after hearing the news, and many think this is the type of high profile endorsement that could push Clinton over the top and secure her the nomination.

A joint statement given by a spokesperson on behalf of the sisters said, “We’re sorry that we had to wait until this late in the game to announce our endorsement, but between the hectic nature of a public teenage pregnancy and Britney checking in and then fleeing the psychiatric ward, it’s been hard for us to meet and focus on the election. We know the American people look to us for guidance in times like this and don’t take our responsibility lightly.”

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Samuel L. Jackson Reads Movie Script He Doesn’t Like

Posted by Raj on March 5, 2008

Samuel L. Jackson sent shockwaves through Hollywood yesterday, announcing that he was turning down a movie role after reading a script he didn’t like. The movie, Scorpions on a Ship, is believed to be the first role Jackson has turned down since he declined to play a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard in a high school play about civil rights. In that case, however, his parents’ refusal to sign the permission form was the reason Jackson did not participate, not his hesitancy about the role. But, after starring in 63 straight films he had been offered, even Jackson drew the line at Scorpions on Ship, a period piece about a 19th Century man on slave-ship, who has to protect himself and his family when killer scorpions are intentionally let loose on the ship by a rival plantation owner.

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