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Chicago Man Hospitalized After Watching A-Team for First Time in 20 Years

Posted by Raj on March 29, 2008

A Chicago man is reported to be in stable condition after having a panic attack and collapsing while watching the popular 80’s TV show, The A-Team, last night on TV Land. Doctors say the shock of watching the show for the first time in 20 years and realizing how awful it actually looks now was just too much for the man to take, and led to the panic attack.

“It’s a fairly common occurrence.”, said Dr. Fitzpatrick of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, “Guy has nostalgic revisionist memories of how good an 80’s show from their childhood was and then flips on an episode late at night on TV Land or another station, and it’s hard for them to come to terms with how crap the show actually looks now. The immediate reaction is one of panic that some show they associate with happy childhood memories is embarrassingly bad.”


This Show May Be Dangerous To Your Health

The man, Colby Donovan, still seemed to be in disbelief saying, “Remember the A-Team? That show was awesome wasn’t it? With B.A. not being able to fly, Murdoch and his crazy ways, Face and the ladies, and Hannibal’s leadership, I thought they were the best. But now? The show just looks plain ridiculous. I can’t take Mr. T seriously ever since he started doing those bad commercials, the van’s a piece of junk and it’s just not realistic that noone ever dies. The Team shoots the bad guys, there’s a big crash, car flips over like eight times and lands on four people and noone gets killed? C’mon that’s just not possible. I feel like my childhood is just a big sham now.”

Similar incidents have been documented after people have watched other 80’s shows. An informal study by the American Medical Association shows that the top five shows that have led to similar hospitalizations are The A-Team, C.H.I.P.s, MacGyver, 21 Jump Street and the old Knight Rider. A noted psychologist explained the phenomena saying, “You’ve heard the saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, well the same reasoning applies here , ‘let some 80’s shows die’. And by that I mean some memories are better left as memories. People are only setting themselves up for disappointment if they think characters like Panch and B.A. Baracus have stood the test of time. Yes, Knight Rider was cool 20 years ago, but seeing David Hasslehoff in those ridiculous leather pants now can cause many guys to question who they are if they could take a show that would be classified as a comedy by today’s standards, seriously. Do yourself a favor, if you have the urge to watch one of your old favorite shows, try a sitcom like The Cosby Show or Family Ties. Stay away from anything that could be construed as a serious drama back then.”

Donovan commented, “I used to think it was cool to talk about shows like The A-Team with friends, that throwing in a 21 Jump Street McQuade brothers reference or a ‘What would MacGyver do?” in a conversation showed that I was witty and hip, but then I saw The A-Team for the first time since I was a kid. Holy crap, it’s just so bad! First thing I’m doing is canceling TV Land. No need to ruin any more childhood memories. That channel is just plain evil.”


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