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Unfit 2 Print Receives no Bailout, Reinvents itself as Wire Service on Twitter

Posted by Raj on March 31, 2009

Today, (not so popular) news source, Unfit 2 Print  relocated permanently to a Twitter based news service (http://twitter.com/Unfit2Print). Coming so close to being another casualty of the economic downturn and shutting its doors, Unfit was forced to downsize- and now consists of a staff of three: an editor, a Roomba, and the former dancing baby from Ally McBeal who was looking for any job that didn’t stereotype him into his previous child-star role (hey if it worked for Doogie, why not for him). 

We caught up with Editor who explained the move to Twitter, “Well with the economy and the effect its having on the viability of media companies, we felt it was the only prudent move we could make. It’s really a tough climate out there and……oh who am I kidding, I was just too lazy to write multiple  500+ word posts each week. It was heavily cutting into my drinking and gambling vices – and then Twitter exploded. Micro-blogging is what they’re calling it. Sure, whatever. If that translates to “Blogging for the chronically lazy and those who take Ritalin every day to stay focused”  then I’m a Micro-blogger I guess. And besides, people’s attention spans are so short these days.  Connoisseurs of investigative journalism and feature articles? Sure they’re out there but we’re not trying to appeal to shut-ins, assisted living residents, readers of the Economist, and other general social outcasts. We want to be relevant for the person who has no time for real in-depth news, just the soundbytes they trust to shape their view of the world, politics, and social issues. “If you can’t say it in 140 characters or less, is it really news worth sharing? ” is our new motto! We bring the news that’s unfit to print to the masses but not in a way that’s meaningful or requires any real attention from the reader. We think that minimal, almost useless in fact, information about world events, culture, etc. is better than the alternative- really thoughtful, well researched, and insightful journalism that noone has time to read!”

There it is. You can now follow Unfit 2 Print at http://twitter.com/Unfit2Print


One Response to “Unfit 2 Print Receives no Bailout, Reinvents itself as Wire Service on Twitter”

  1. Ashima said

    hahaha … love it! hope 2009 is treating you well 🙂 best wishes!!!

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