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Man Sues Hip-Hop Industry for Overuse of Interludes

Posted by Raj on January 2, 2008

Atlanta Man Randy Monroe filed a $500 MM class action lawsuit yesterday against the hip-hop industry for “monies owed fans for all the useless interludes hip-hop artists throw into albums”. In the suit, Monroe alleges that roughly 40% of all hip-hop album content is filler to mask the fact that most artists don’t have enough music to fill a whole album. In Monroe’s own words, “Why should we have to pay for this stuff? When we buy a P. Diddy joint, we want to hear him rap about how much more bling he has than us, exploit Biggie’s death for a few more bucks and rip off samples from popular 80’s songs. We don’t want to hear some cute skit or a taped phone conversation he had that he thought was funny, and we definitely shouldn’t have to pay for that. So I think we need to be refunded some Benjamins for those 10-15 minutes on each album that we never listen to. This suit is for the people and is a message to the hip-hop industry that the fans are not going to stand for this any longer. Artists need to spend a little less time getting under-aged honey’s preg-o and a little more time writing songs.”

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