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Chicago Man Hospitalized After Watching A-Team for First Time in 20 Years

Posted by Raj on March 29, 2008

A Chicago man is reported to be in stable condition after having a panic attack and collapsing while watching the popular 80’s TV show, The A-Team, last night on TV Land. Doctors say the shock of watching the show for the first time in 20 years and realizing how awful it actually looks now was just too much for the man to take, and led to the panic attack.

“It’s a fairly common occurrence.”, said Dr. Fitzpatrick of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, “Guy has nostalgic revisionist memories of how good an 80’s show from their childhood was and then flips on an episode late at night on TV Land or another station, and it’s hard for them to come to terms with how crap the show actually looks now. The immediate reaction is one of panic that some show they associate with happy childhood memories is embarrassingly bad.”

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CNN’s ‘This Week at War’ to Become ‘This Day at War’

Posted by Raj on February 26, 2008

The continued popularity of CNN’s This Week at War prompted the Network to announce that the show would now be called This Day at War and air daily instead of weekly. A CNN programming director explained the decision by saying “Yes, with some shows once a week is enough, like ‘House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’ for instance. There are only so many stories about blind men who walk fifteen hours to donate blood to homeless Katrina orphans that the American people can stomach, but with war, we really believe more is better. Maybe with some countries one hour a week is enough to cover what’s going on with their wars, but this is America. We barely scratch the surface in an hour.” The show, which deals with war, terrorism, homeland security and nuclear threats, also plans to add more interactive segments such as “Who Should be Next?” and a Top Ten plays of the day type offering where viewers vote on America’s best moves of the day in the global war on terror.

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TV Networks Admit, ‘Not Enough Hours in the Week for All Our Reality Shows’

Posted by Raj on January 9, 2008

An announcement many had expected for some time was finally made by the TV Networks yesterday. In a joint statement the major Networks announced that, according to Nielsen, the number of weekly hours of Reality TV programming had finally eclipsed the number of hours in the week. “It’s not like we were blindsided by this”, commented an NBC spokesperson. “Yes, the writers strike probably accelerated things, but it’s been a long time coming and we’ve had contingency plans in place for a while.” When asked if those contingency plans involved cutting the number of reality shows in production, the networks all gave pretty much the same answer. As a CBS Producer said, “Um, no. Why would we do that? Reality is great! Viewers eat this stuff up, we don’t have to hire writers and the best part is you can never run out of ideas. Even I can do it. Just last week I was thinking about all the homeless people in New York and how sad that was. Then I had an epiphany and a reality show popped into my head: ‘America’s Next Ex-Hobo’. Pretty catchy huh? It’s actually in pre-production now.”

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